What are preserved Roses? Are they REAL flowers?

Yes! Our Preserved Flowers ARE indeed 100% natural flowers! Petals of rose head, stem and leaves are all 100% real! These flowers are preserved from natural, high-quality Ecuadorian floral breeds using state-of-the-art technology. This technology allows the flora to maintain its natural beauty, texture and soft natural touch. Our long-lasting Roses do not wilt and they have natural Rose SCENT except Gold and Silver roses.**

Why is Long-Lasting flowers more costly? 

  • Only the highest quality flowers are used for our preserved roses
  • Only non-toxic, 100 % non-allergen raw cosmetic grade ingredients are used in the preservation process

What Are Benefits of Our Preserved Flowers? 

Prolonged shelf life: Depending on storage / environmental conditions, preserved flowers can last up to 12 months. However, they have been knowing to last up to 1-3 years in dry and moisture free place. As a comparison, fresh flowers typically last 1 week or less.  
Reduced Waste and Cost: Longer shelf life meanѕ less frequent replacement. For example, for a hotel front desk, you would need to throw away the wilted natural flowers and replace with a new arrangement 52 times a year. 

Product Versatility

We can change the color of the flowers to suit the occasion or color theme. 
Time Factor: Long-lasting rose floral arrangement are not constrained by time pressure. Arrangements can be ready ahead of time for collection and ѕtill look as fresh on the day of your event. 

How long can our Eternal Roses last? 

It’s appearance depends on the environmental conditions. The more humid the environment, the shorter its lifespan. Long-lasting flowers have a general shelf life of 1 year, however, if it stored in a sealed casing, it can last up to more than 2 years. Our luxury flowers can last for years, but we always say that the best viewing period is 1 year  due to wear and tear and weather conditions. 

How do I care for the product to make it last as long as possible? 

  • Do NOT water the product 
  • Do NOT expose to direct sunlight or strong light 
  • Avoid direct contact with anything wet 
  • Store and display at temperature below 30 ̊C 
  • Best humidity level at approximately 40% 
  • Blow with hair dryer (cool breeze)  from a moderate distance when dusty
  • Do NOT remove rose from the base of glass dome
  • Keep Preserved Rose inside the glass dome to avoid over dryness and weathering aromatic rose scent

Are there chemicals used in the preserved flowers safe? 

Yes. Only 100% non-toxic and raw cosmetic grade chemicals are used in the process for preservation. 

Does Diamond Gift Box deliver same products as shown on the website?

Each set of products comes in an exclusive gift box and with luxury envelope and greeting card . Plus, each box will be safely shipped inside a postal box, so it stays nice and cute. 

**PLEASE NOTE** Sometimes in reality colors are not the same as shown on the website's pictures due to  photo flash and composition. The product colors can be darker or brighter so please chose your color carefully. Different colored roses next to each other are markable. Our roses SMELL good like real roses and their scent can last 6-12 months. The only roses that not fragrant are Gold and Silver  because they are sprayed and they might have some paint odor which can be eliminated if keep them opened for a few days.

Where do Diamond Gift Box ship To? 

We offer local FREE delivery in Los Angeles within 20 miles radius from Zip Code 91316, please check the map. For Nationwide, Worldwide shipping information, please visit our checkout page. 

What if the recipient is not home? 

Please make sure that someone is at home on the date and time of delivery. If no one is available to receive the arrangement, we will  contact the recipient to let them know of the delivery attempt. We will schedule for re-delivery for the following day with a charge of $20.

What Payment methods do you accept? 

We accept all major credit cards. We also have a PayPal and Apple Pay checkout option. 

What is your Return Policy?

Due to delicate nature of our products we do not except returns.  If you wish to cancel your order, please let us know within 3 days prior scheduled delivery date. Please leave a voice message or text to 1-877-237-7779.  Our caring and experienced staff will ensure your satisfaction to the best of our ability.