An Eternal Rose is given to those who you are deeply in love with, those who you have great respect for, to those who you want to be with forever and ever....



Rose shape: ROUND

Rose head size: Large 4-5 inch

Glass Dome size : Large 13"H x 9"W x 26"R

  • Only the highest quality of Ecuadorian flowers are used for our preserved roses
  • Only non-toxic, 100 % non-allergen raw cosmetic grade ingredients are used in the preservation process

Our preserved Ecuadorian MADONNA ROSE is 100% natural flower. We have up to 7 colors to choose***. Long-lasting flowers have a general shelf life of 1 year, however, if it stored in a sealed casing, it can last up to more than 5 years. Our luxury flowers can last for years, but we always say that the best viewing period is 1 year  due to wear and tear and weather conditions. 

Each MADONNA ROSE соmеѕ wіth a stylish envelope with greeting card and Product Care brochure. Each luxurious envelope sealed with wax stamp.  

Product Care: 

  • Do NOT water the product 
  • Do NOT expose to direct sunlight or strong light 
  • Avoid direct contact with anything wet 
  • Store and display at temperature below 82 F  
  • Blow with hair dryer (cool breeze)  from a moderate distance when dusty
  • Do NOT remove rose from the base of glass dome
  • Keep Preserved Rose inside the glass dome to avoid over dryness and weathering aromatic rose scent

***PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes in reality colors are not the same as shown on the website's pictures due to light and photo composition. The product colors can be darker or brighter so please chose your color carefully. Different colored roses next to each other are markable. Gold/Silver Madonna Rose Lux are dyed using different coloring technique and they might have some paint odor which can be eliminated if keep them opened for a few days.

All our products are backed by a 100% quality guarantee, and we pride ourselves in using only the freshest and best products available!

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